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What do I do if I want to sell my house?

Contact one of our agents for a free market analysis. They will let you know the value of your home based on comparable properties that have sold and that are currently listed.

How long is a listing contract?

Typically, we like to have our listings for six months at a minimum and sometimes prefer one year.

How do I know what improvements I should make before listing my house for sale?

One of our agents will make suggestions as to what will make it more marketable and what may be required for it to pass inspection or appraisal.

Do I have to pay the buyers closing costs?

Contributing to the buyer’s closing costs is a negotiable item. It is very common in the day and age to make that contribution. It will help the transaction go together if the buyer is short money to purchase the home.

Do I as a seller have closing costs?

Both parties have different closing costs. As a seller, you will have a title insurance fee, Gap insurance fee, a transfer tax fee, tax pro ration fee, payment of any existing mortgages and a recording fee. Other fees may be negotiated in the offer to purchase. These stated fees are the seller’s responsibility.

How long after closing to I need to vacate my home?

Occupancy is typically given to a buyer at the time of closing.

How clean does my house have to be when I move out?

All personal property not included in the offer to purchase needs to be removed unless it is agreed to by the buyer that things can stay. At a minimum, the property should be left broom clean.

How should I stage my home for showings?

Here is a link that may help with different areas of your home for staging purposes. Generally, keeping it clean and tidy will work best!

Home Staging Guide

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